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We have a long-time experienced team all over the world at the disposal of the paper industry, in order to offer to our customers a personalized service from the project’s definition to the final start-up, including engineering, manufacture, erection and after-sales service.

We feel proud when our custumers are satisfied. We feel overjoyed when our custumers come back!

With more than 70 years of experience we are more than a great team, we are family!

We help our custumers reduce the carbon footprint by lowering the energy consumption

In the beginning of the fifties Brunnschweiler started its activity in Gorizia (Italia) dedicated to the manufacture of aerothermic installations for the paper industry.

In 1970 Brunnschweiler Española was born, as a branch of the Italian company. Since the late 80s, Brunnschweiler Española has continued its operation from its facilities in Munguia (Spain) as Brunnschweiler Italy was sold to a multinational company of paper industry.

Since the beginning of the 21st Century, Brunnschweiler Shanghai (CHINA) has been in operation giving service to our Asian market.

In 2014, Brunnschweiler has restructured and founded the BRUNNSCHWEILER GROUP, which nowadays included a new manufacturing centre of 6000 Sq M2 located at Qidong(China).

Technical office in both Munguia and Shanghai with close to 100 employees in total.




We make a continuous effort for the improvement and development of the equipment technology, closely collaborating with customers as well as with the principal paper machinery builders in the world.

Our pilot machine in the main premises of Munguia, Spain, allows our Engineering and R&D team to carry out trials at speeds over 1.000 m/min with a paper width of 2 m, and to test the equipment before delivery to our clients.

Our team of engineers combine practical experience with the use of the latest and most advanced CFD & FE software packages. This combination allows performance analysis on the most complex geometries and applications, offering customers best solutions for each particular need.